Re: [greenstone-users] How to display the chalk.gif at every page?

From Anastasia Henny Mariane S
DateThu, 4 May 2006 19:40:38 -0700 (PDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] How to display the chalk.gif at every page?
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Hi Richard & Group,
Thanks for the reply. I checked in the (I cannot find and found this statement there:
GSDL Error
GSDL Error
So, rightfully the chalk.gif should be appeared at every page right? But, it didn't (see attachment problem A). The chalk.gif only appears on the "home" and the collection main page.
Besides that, I also have another 2 questions:
- How do I change the position of the top navigation icons "home" "help" "pref" (see attachment problem B), example I want to position it below of the header?
- How to set the green color image on the top right corner (see attachment problem C) to not display upon clicking the "subjects" or "titles a-z" from the hierarchical classifier?
Kindly advise. Thanks so much.

Richard Managh <> wrote:
Hi Henny,

By default, (I'm using Greenstone 2.62) that image is displayed on every page, so I assume you have changed your collection in such a way that it is no longer displayed on every page.

You need to check your macro files to ensure that /gsdl/web/images/chalk.gif is declared in all of the relevant packages (might be:  Style, Global, etc) for the display of your pages.

Perhaps you have overridden GSDL Error
in some pages so that it no longer produces a html body tag containing  background="chalk.gif"

Look through the header macros of your macro files to ensure that
/gsdl/web/images/chalk.gif is in their macro structure, for example:

GSDL Error
GSDL Error


Hope this helps.

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