[greenstone-users] GLI

From Sergio Blanco
DateTue, 07 Feb 2006 13:19:48 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI
Hi ,
I write you from the University of Oviedo(SPAIN)
After installing the GLI client for remote building collections, I said
Richard that al was ok.. Not true.

When I run the client-gli.bat file the program asks for the Greenstone
library and gliserver
URLs(http://<your-machine-name>:<port>/gsdl/cgi-bin/library (library.exe
if the server is Windows) and
http://<your-machine-name>:<port>/gsdl/cgi-bin/gliserver.pl, respectively. )

(The port is 80 in both cases.(Apache conf file is with 'listen 80')

From the admin page, I add a new user(with a password x and into the
adminstrator group and another into the colbuilder group).
In both cases, when I try to build a new collection after running the
client-gli.bat flie, it asks for the user and password. I write the user
and password and the next window error:

An error has ocurred on the remote Greenstone server while performing
this operation
Authentication failed: user is not in the required group

Any help????????
Tanks in advance.......