[greenstone-users] formatting in Greenstone 2.63

From Gordon Bertrand
DateTue, 28 Feb 2006 13:31:33 -0800
Subject [greenstone-users] formatting in Greenstone 2.63
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Hello all,

We've recently upgraded to 2.63 (an unstable version I realize) and I
have a question regarding the new CSS-based formatting.

I read the release notes for this version which indicated the changes
necessary to support HTML4 and CSS (allowing removal of all text images)
and the necessary changes to use the backward compatibility macro for
Netscape. The display in Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox is very poor so we
decided to apply the macro. We therefore applied the macro and copied
over the necessary image files and now the text images do appear, but
the formatting is still very poor. The only browser in which the display
looks acceptable is Internet Explorer. Is this a function of this
version and if so, is the upcoming 2.70 version going to allow for
consistent formatting across browser platforms?

Thank you,

Gordon Bertrand
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