Re: [greenstone-users] Problems with using GLI remotely

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 10 Mar 2006 12:05:00 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Problems with using GLI remotely
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Hi Kevin,

>I'm working as an ICT adviser for the National Teachers' Institute in
>Kaduna, Nigeria. They've been trying to set up a virtual library for
>some time, with various idiot consultants setting up a random selection
>of junk they found on the web, none of which works.
Well, we hope Greenstone doesn't end up on the junk pile too!

>Somebody suggested Greenstone to them, I found the CD lying around,
>downloaded 2.63 and we've now got it installed and working.
>One of the requirements is that it should be possible to upload content
>from anywhere (here at headquarters, out at study centres, at some
>random internet cafe, ...). The library staff are not at all impressed
>at the thought of having to go and sit in the server room to use GLI.
>I've managed to get GLI set up to run as an applet, despite a few
>problems (detailed at the end). I've also followed Michael Dewsnip's
>instructions at
>to run GLI remotely as a standalone app.
>In both cases I've found that:
>1. The Download view mentioned in the help is missing. I'm not at the
>server just now but I'm sure I remember seeing the Download view in GLI
>when run on the server.
The Download view is not enabled when using the remote building code.
The people we implemented the remote building code for last year didn't
need the Download view, so it wasn't implemented at the time. I guess
we'll do this eventually but I'm not sure when.

>2. Many plugins are missing, in particular the plugins for Word and PDF
When you first use the GLI on a particular machine it will read the
plugins and their options. I suspect that this hasn't been completely
successful, but the GLI will usually tell you if it has problems. Try
deleting the C:Documents and Settings<Username>Application
DataGreenstoneGLIplugins.dat file and running client-gli.bat again.
Do you see any errors or exceptions in the DOS window?

>3. I get cryptic errors when trying to build some of the documented
>example collections. This might be related to the plugin problems
>mentioned in 2. The error is:
>"An error has occurred on the remote Greenstone server while performing
>this operation:
>Unable to write file
>I then get another error about being unable to open fail.log, I'm
>assuming that's probably because fail.log isn't writable by the Apache user.
This could be a permission problem -- is everything in the Greenstone
"collect" directory on the server world-writeable?

>4. I get a warning when importing HTML files:
>"None of Greenstone's plugins are expected to process the file
>"SubsetOptimising.html". Check that the file has the correct extension.
>If it is correct then you may have to use UnknownPlug to process this file."
>The HTMLPlug plugin is present and when I build the collection it
>successfully extracts metadata.
This will be related to the plugins problems you reported above.

>Problems setting up GLI to run as an applet
>I followed the instructions in the FAQ:
>which seem to be a little out of date.
>1. The FAQ doesn't mention having to correct the first line of
> to include the correct Perl path. Using the default
>'/usr/bin/perl' would work for most installations.
>2. I had add ".pl" to the end of GLI's gliserver URL in Preferences.
>This may be due to Apache server configuration, it won't automatically
>convert "gliserver" -> "".
Thanks for reporting these; I have updated the GLI applet FAQ entry to
refer to the
page (which includes the points you mention).

>Where is this preference stored? I'm assuming it's in the JAR file
>somewhere, so I'll need to rebuild the applet after modifying the
The GLI preferences are stored in C:Documents and
Settings<Username>Application DataGreenstoneGLIconfig.xml (Windows)
or /home/<Username>/.gli/config.xml (Linux, Mac OS X).