Re: [greenstone-users] Format question and little bugs? dc.Language not showing up

From ruben pandolfi
DateFri, 10 Mar 2006 09:03:45 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Format question and little bugs? dc.Language not showing up
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Thanks Katherine,

great help as always ...

Katherine Don wrote:
> Hi Ruben
> I have realised what your problem is. Its actually based on a "feature"
> of greenstone, not a bug :-)
> Greenstone expects Language metadata to be ISO two letter codes, en, fr,
> es etc. And when its displaying them, it (un)helpfully maps them to a
> proper name. eg en will become English.
> This list is hard coded in the source code (you can see it in
> src/recpt/formattools.cpp, text_t iso639 (const text_t &langcode) ).
> Unfortunately, it doesn't recognise three letter codes.
> For your case, you have two options. Change your Language metadata to be
> two letter codes (and English, French etc will be displayed), or change
> the element name to be something other than Language (and eng, fre, etc
> will be displayed).
> Or you could change the source code :-)

I have cheked that .. seems intersting, but maybe in the next release
version you can just add a line that says "if the language value does
not match , print the value"

This way you will maintain backwards compatibility and more flexibility
for future .

(I don't want to use this feature, cause the associated text is english
only, and using another meta for language it will be "non standard" :-(

Think is possible?



ps: I have seen the function is just followed by the "relation"
function, pretty strange I got two in a row :-)


Ruben Pandolfi

"...I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship."