[greenstone-users] wiki not editable

From jens wille
DateTue, 21 Mar 2006 14:18:39 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] wiki not editable

i'm just writing an e-mail concerning the use of the filter_text
function to get "proper" sorting and searching for diacritics
(especially german umlauts) and thought maybe i could create it as
an article in the wiki.

so i created an account, logged in, went to the "User contributed"
page where it says "Only registered users can edit this page. To
become a registered user, please see instructions [[Using
GreenstoneWiki|here]]." and clicked "edit" - but what's that: "This
page has been locked to prevent editing; there are a number of
reasons why this may be so, please see [[Project:Protected page]]."!
(however, [[Project:Protected page]] doesn't exist and the text here
seems to conflict with that on the page)

so is there any possibility to contribute content to the wiki?

- i wasn't able to find a contact address so i resorted to this
mailing list
- there doesn't seem to be any copyright/licence information

apart from that i think the wiki is a great way to organize
documentation and other stuff around greenstone (i stumbled upon it
only recently) - but it would be even better if users could actually
contribute ;-)

[user: jw]