Re: [greenstone-users] wiki not editable

From Katherine Don
DateWed, 22 Mar 2006 09:25:44 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] wiki not editable
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Hi Jens

If you go to the page 'Using GreenstoneWiki' (from the please see
instuctions here link), then it should tell you to email us your user
name, and we add it into the database of registered users.

We have added you (jw) in so you should be able to edit the unprotected

And yes, we should add some text to the "protected page" page.


jens wille wrote:
> hi!
> i'm just writing an e-mail concerning the use of the filter_text
> function to get "proper" sorting and searching for diacritics
> (especially german umlauts) and thought maybe i could create it as
> an article in the wiki.
> so i created an account, logged in, went to the "User contributed"
> page where it says "Only registered users can edit this page. To
> become a registered user, please see instructions [[Using
> GreenstoneWiki|here]]." and clicked "edit" - but what's that: "This
> page has been locked to prevent editing; there are a number of
> reasons why this may be so, please see [[Project:Protected page]]."!
> (however, [[Project:Protected page]] doesn't exist and the text here
> seems to conflict with that on the page)
> so is there any possibility to contribute content to the wiki?
> additionally:
> - i wasn't able to find a contact address so i resorted to this
> mailing list
> - there doesn't seem to be any copyright/licence information
> apart from that i think the wiki is a great way to organize
> documentation and other stuff around greenstone (i stumbled upon it
> only recently) - but it would be even better if users could actually
> contribute ;-)
> cheers
> jens
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