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From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 27 Mar 2006 14:31:18 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Subject Browse Help
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Hi Victor,

In this case you need to add an {If} statement to format the internal
nodes (the bookshelves) differently from the leaf nodes (the documents).
The "[numleafdocs]" metadata is only defined for bookshelves, so you can
use this to differentiate them:

{If}{[numleafdocs],<Code for bookshelf nodes>,<Code for document nodes>}



Victor T. Jones, Jr. wrote:

>Thanks for the reply. I didn't have a CL2Vlist statement, so
>I put one in and played with the results just a little. That
>works...partially. I would like the results to forward to
>the web pages I have already created rather than to the
>resulting webpages created on the fly by Greenstone.
>My format info is as follows for CL2VList:
><td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td>
>/srclink]</td> <td valign=top>[highlight][weblink]
>When I browse the Subject category, I get the Subject
>Headings, and if I click on the icon by the subject, I go to
>a list of the documents. [This is fine, but is there a way
>to hyperlink the subject headings, too?]
>When I click on the icons for the documents, I am forwarded
>to the pages generated by Greenstone. When I click on the
>hyperlink for the title of a document, I am forwarded to the
>page on my web server [the later portion is what I want].
>How can I get to the pages on my web server by clicking the
>icon? If I replace [link][icon][/link] with
>[weblink]...[/weblink], I can no longer access the documents
>from the Subject Browse page. In other words, I cannot click
>on the bookshelf icon in the Subject browse to see the list
>of documents for a particular subject.
>Thanks again,
>Victor T. Jones, Jr.
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>>I have been playing with Greenstone for the past week, and
>>I'm having trouble creating a subject browse for my
>>collection. I have some questions that I hope someone can
>>When I go to the collection
>>( and it
>>is the Craven County Digital History Exhibit) the subject
>>headings are there, but I do not have a link to the
>>documents (individual webpages). The other selections
>>(Title, Source, Date) all return links to the original
>>file. Does anyone know why, or what I'm doing wrong?
>this would suggest that one of the formatting strings is
>Since it is the 2nd classfier (after titles), I'd suggest
>your "format CL2VList" statement is wrong (assuming you have
>It looks like you've put in an [icon] to get the image, but
>the [link]...[/link] tags to tell it to link to the
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