[greenstone-users] Document images and sections

From Kevin O'Rourke
DateFri, 05 May 2006 11:07:05 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Document images and sections

our library staff here have started trying out Greenstone and looking at
the example collections. I've given them the various Greenstone manuals
and they're experimenting with adding documents and configuring collections.

They've immediately started finding things in samples and Greenstone
systems on the internet that they want to do but don't know how.

1. The cover images that are in the 'demo' collection. I see that these
are enabled by "format DocumentImages true" but I can't find out where
the images come from. Does it just look for a file with a particular
name or is there some way of specifying the filename to use?

2. The hierarchical list of document sections, again as found in the
'demo' collection. Does this only work for HTML documents?

I see from the documentation that it requires adding HTML comments with
the section titles, why can't this information be extracted
automatically from the HTML headings? There's also a vague mention of
the same formatting working for Word files but it didn't work for me,
can't the Word plugin extract this automatically?