Re: [greenstone-users] Dead link & mutliple creators

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 29 May 2006 10:36:53 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Dead link & mutliple creators
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Hi Leon
Is your problem that the ex.Creator has a value like "smith, jones"
and you are getting a bookshelf "smith, jones" but you want two
bookshelves, "smith" and "jones"?

We don't have any way of splitting metadata, so your best solution would
be to assign dc.Creator metadata to those documents with multiple
extracted metadata, and use
AZCompactList -metadata dc.Creator,ex.Creator
If you then want to display the Creator for the document node (and not
just in the bookshelf), then use
You want dc first so that it will use that if its othere, otherwise use
sibling will display all values of multivalued metadata.

Hope this helps,

> Specifically, my problem is as follows: I am importing metadata such as
> ex.Title and ex.Creator from the PDF document properties through
> PDFPlug. I want to generate an AZCompactList from the ex.Creator data.
> However, some documents have mutliple authors entered, which means these
> authors appear both on their own and once again together with their
> co-authors on the list. Ideally the two authors should appear
> individually in the list with the document credited to each of them
> exactly once. Can I establish an overide along the lines of {Or}{[
> ex.Creator],[dc.Creator]} for this, and manually enter author data for
> documents with mutliple authors?