Re: [greenstone-users] Dead link & mutliple creators

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 30 May 2006 14:23:35 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Dead link & mutliple creators
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Hi Leon,

Please find the doc.xml file for a problem document in the collection
"archives" directory. Does it include the extracted metadata correctly?



Leon White wrote:

> Hi Katherine, List,
> thanks for your elegant solution, and sorry about this long mail, but
> I am experiencing some very strange behaviour... I added dc.Creator
> metadata only to those publications with multiple authors, leaving the
> rest with the automatically ex.Creator metadata. For the most part
> this seems to be working perfectly, but there are some very strange
> exceptions (bugs?).
> After a full build of the collection, returning to the 'Enrich' tab
> shows that certain documents do not have any ex.Creator metadata,
> indeed no ex.* metadata at all. This cannot be true, because the
> titles and other stuff I use from the ex.* set is visible in the
> collection frontend, yet it is exactly these publications which are
> reverting to the old "<author1> and <author2>" display. Why do some
> documents not get any ex metadata?? I have triple checked that the
> PDFs do indeed have their metadata entered correctly. See the two
> attached images for my view of the GLI 'Enrich' tab immediately after
> a build.
> For examples search my collection
> <>
> for 'chand' (an example of things working properly) and 'pramendra'
> (an example of the wrong behaviour). This can also clearly be seen in
> the list of authors.
> Once this problem is fixed is it possible to adjust the
> {Or}{[sibling:dc.Creator],[sibling:ex.Creator]} line so that it adds
> an 'and' or a few nbsp's between the list of siblings? The separation
> of metadata should be transparent to the end user.
> Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to your reply,
> Leon
> On 5/29/06, *Katherine Don* <
> <>> wrote:
> Hi Leon
> Is your problem that the ex.Creator has a value like "smith, jones"
> and you are getting a bookshelf "smith, jones" but you want two
> bookshelves, "smith" and "jones"?
> We don't have any way of splitting metadata, so your best solution
> would
> be to assign dc.Creator metadata to those documents with multiple
> extracted metadata, and use
> AZCompactList -metadata dc.Creator,ex.Creator
> If you then want to display the Creator for the document node (and not
> just in the bookshelf), then use
> {Or}{[sibling:dc.Creator],[sibling:ex.Creator]}
> You want dc first so that it will use that if its othere,
> otherwise use
> ex.Creator.
> sibling will display all values of multivalued metadata.
> Hope this helps,
> Katherine
> > Specifically, my problem is as follows: I am importing metadata
> such as
> > ex.Title and ex.Creator from the PDF document properties through
> > PDFPlug. I want to generate an AZCompactList from the ex.Creator
> data.
> > However, some documents have mutliple authors entered, which
> means these
> > authors appear both on their own and once again together with their
> > co-authors on the list. Ideally the two authors should appear
> > individually in the list with the document credited to each of them
> > exactly once. Can I establish an overide along the lines of {Or}{[
> > ex.Creator],[dc.Creator]} for this, and manually enter author
> data for
> > documents with mutliple authors?
> >
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