[greenstone-users] Re: GS 2.84 on MAC

From Greenstone Team
DateFri Jan 28 14:10:24 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: GS 2.84 on MAC
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Hello again Renate,
I just sent another message. In the meantime, I had a go at it as well.
Sam tried earlier this morning and he had reproduced your problem. When
I tried it, for some reason I ran "source setup.bash" prior to running
"./gs2-server.sh". This seems to have had the beneficial side-effect of
getting things to work. We have been making changes to exactly these two
scripts recently, first to get things to work on the Mac (which broke
things on Linux) and then to fix the adverse effects these changes had
on Linux.

Do you want to check whether a "source setup.bash" before launching
gs2-server.sh gets your installation's web-server running too? It is not
a real solution, since running ./gs2-server.sh should work without users
having to run other scripts first, but this is just a test for confirmation.

I hope to tell you as soon as we have fixed the issue.

Renate Morgenstern wrote:
> I reported yesterday that I could not install the download from 26 Jan.
> I downloaded the next day's version and this time the install was ok.
> After increasing the Java size in the gli.sh I can also open large image
> collections.
> However, I can't view the collections,. because the web server does not
> start. See error messages below. The configuraion file looks ok. See log
> files below.
> Thanks for any help.
> Regards
> Renate
> ERROR: [2011-01-27 12:50:34] BaseServer.recordError()
> web-start failed, please check server.log in
> /Applications/greenstone/etc/logs-gsi for details. failed
> INFO : [2011-01-27 12:58:00] RunTarget.run()
> INFO : [2011-01-27 12:58:05] RunTarget.run()
> Target: ./gsicontrol.sh web-start
> INFO : [2011-01-27 12:58:05] RunTarget.run()
> Using:
> INFO : [2011-01-27 12:58:05] RunTarget.run()
> GSDLHOME = /Applications/greenstone