[greenstone-users] Dynamic collections and data entry

From Claire Wilson (DSL AK)
DateTue, 15 Aug 2006 16:26:28 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] Dynamic collections and data entry

Hi there


We’re planning on using Greenstone for our Newspaper Index, which has references to articles in local papers. (In the future, we may be scanning them in as well.) We will be creating dummy documents that just have metadata.


Several people will need to be entering data at the same time. I’ve just realised that the collection can only be opened by one person at a time, so this is a problem for us.


I understand the next release will be designed to enable Greenstone collections to be maintained dynamically more easily, and it won’t be necessary to rebuild the collection so often?


Are there any release notes about how this will work? In fact are there release notes for previous versions, as I haven’t found them?


Is there anyway we can have several people working on the same collection, otherwise I guess we will need to look for some more software to make a front end for data entry which we then send to Greenstone in batches?


The other question that I have related to this, is that when entering a new dummy record, is there any way a system generated unique number can be entered for the filename?


Thanks very much



Claire Wilson, Christchurch, NZ