Re: [greenstone-users] Build error with GenericList classifier

From Chaitra Rao
DateThu, 9 Mar 2006 19:26:18 +0530 (IST)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Build error with GenericList classifier
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Hi Katherine,
Thanks for the response! The generic list plugin works fine with
gs v2.6. But since we've moved to gs 2.62, we've been facing problems with
this plugin.The options that I've set for Generic list looks something
like this:

classify GenericList -metadata aaqua.CommodityName -leafnodesort
aaqua.ThreadTitle -alwaysgrouplastelement True -buttonname Commodity

The file bundled along with the installation shows the foll
lines under my $arguments

# The interesting options
{ 'name' => "always_bookshelf_last_level",
'desc' => "{GenericList.always_bookshelf_last_level}",
'type' => "flag" },
{ 'name' => "classify_sections",
'desc' => "{GenericList.classify_sections}",
'type' => "flag" },
{ 'name' => "partition_type_within_level",
'desc' => "{GenericList.partition_type_within_level}",
'type' => "string",
'deft' => "none" },
{ 'name' => "partition_size_within_level",
'desc' => "{GenericList.partition_size_within_level}",
'type' => "string" },
{ 'name' => "sort_leaf_nodes_using",
'desc' => "{GenericList.sort_leaf_nodes_using}",
'type' => "metadata",
'deft' => "Title" },
{ 'name' => "use_hlist_for",
'desc' => "{GenericList.use_hlist_for}",
'type' => "string" } ];

This somehow is not the text that's shown on the GLI (which I presume
comes from this file).

I get the following error when I build my collection:

Error: occur in> Extra Arguments: leafnodesort> The GenericList classifier uses an incorrect general option
(general options are those available to all classifiers). Check your
collect.cfg configuration file.> A general and flexible list classifier with most of the
abilities of AZCompactList, but with better Unicode, metadata and sorting
capabilities.> Usage: classify GenericList [options]> specific options:> -metadata <metadata> (REQUIRED) Metadata fields used for> classification. Use '/' to separate the> levels in the hierarchy and ';' to> separate metadata fields within each> level.> -buttonname <string> The label for the classifier screen and> button in navigation bar. The default> is the metadata element specified with> -metadata.> -always_bookshelf_last_level Create a bookshelf icon even if
there> is only one item in each group at the> leaf nodes.> -classify_sections Classify sections instead of documents.> -partition_type_within_level <string> The type of
partitioning done: either> 'per_letter', 'constant_size', or> 'none'.> Default: none> -partition_size_within_level <string> The number of items in
each partition> (only applies when> partition_type_within_level is set to> 'constant_size').> -sort_leaf_nodes_using <metadata> Metadata fields used for
sorting the> leaf nodes. Use '|' to separate the> metadata groups to stable sort and ';'> to separate metadata fields within each> group.> Default: Title> -use_hlist_for <string> Metadata fields to use a hlist rather> than a vlist. Use ',' to separate the> metadata groups and ';' to separate the> metadata fields within each group.> general options (for BasClas):> -no_metadata_formatting Don't do any automatic metadata> formatting (for sorting.)> -builddir <string> Where to put the built indexes.> Default:> -outhandle <string> The file handle to write output to.> Default: STDERR> -verbosity <int> Controls the quantity of output.> 0=none, 3=lots.> Default: 2> Command failed.

I tried using the src for building the gli as well as the source code. I
get the same error with both of them. Please help asap! We use a lot of
unicode files in our collections.

Thanks in advance.


On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Katherine Don wrote:

> Hi Chaitra
> I have just tried using GenericList in version 2.63 and 2.62, and it
> seems to work fine for me. (classify GenericList -metadata dls.Title)
> What options are you trying to pass to it?
> Regards,
> Katherine
> Chaitra Rao wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm unable to use GenericList classifier bundled with the greenstone
> > installation (v2.62).
> >
> > I get the foll error while building:
> > Command: E:Program Filesgs2.62binwindowsperlbinPerl.exe -S
> > E:Program -gli -language en
> > -collectdir E:Program Filesgs2.62collect -removeold aaqua
> >> Can't coerce array into hash at E:Program
> > Filesgs2.62/perllib/classify/ line 234.
> >> Command failed.
> >
> > The line no. 234 on corresponds to the foll line:
> > if(defined $arguments){
> > push(@{$hashArgOptLists->{"ArgList"}},@{$arguments});}
> >
> > Please help!
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > Regards,
> > Chaitra
> >
> >
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