[greenstone-users] Install on CentOS 4 problem

From Pete Januarius
DateMon, 22 May 2006 09:05:00 +1000
Subject [greenstone-users] Install on CentOS 4 problem

I'm trying to install Greenstone on CentOS 4. When I ran ./setupLinux.bin I got the following:

/setupLinux.bin.embedded: line 1674:  5924 Terminated            /usr/bin/java -cp .:::::"/root/istemp3997141151934/setup.jar"::"/root/istemp3997141151934/crypt.jar":::: -Dtemp.dir="/root" -Dis.jvm.home="/usr" -Dis.jvm.temp="0" -Dis.media.home="/usr/local/gsdl/gsdl-2.70-unix/./setup" -Dis.launcher.file="/root/istemp3946141151933/setupLinux.bin.embedded" -Dis.jvm.file="/root/istemp3997141151934/sunjdk14.jvm" -Dis.external.home="/usr/local/gsdl/gsdl-2.70-unix/." run >>/dev/null 2>>/root/istemp3997141151934/APP_STDERR

I then ran the install script and configured my Apache 2 server. Everything seemed  to go ok until I trying accessing Greenstone with the url http://myserver/greenstone/cgi-bin/library
My browser acted upon this as a binary file and gave me a download dialog box.

Any ideas. I would love to install this as the article in Linux Magazine (June 06) looks really good.