[greenstone-users] Please Guide!

From shaheen shah
DateThu, 16 Mar 2006 10:40:27 +0530
Subject [greenstone-users] Please Guide!
Hi Folks,

This library is displayed using a web browser. If you dont't have a web browser installed on your machine you may install the Netscape 4.05 browser now.

Note that if your current browser was provided by your internet service provider, you should install Netscape in a different directory.

Would you like to install the Netscape 4.05 browser now?

This is the error message  I get when i  double click the setup.exe file in the CD (after exporting GreenStone), wht should I do..

1. I do have not one but two browser - Mozilla n IE on my desktop..
2. I ALSO have Netscape installed..

Also there was a message that the Language Pack is not installed (I get this when I check the boxes during the export to CD procedure)

Your Guidance is very much Appreciated..

Thank You