[greenstone-users] User config.xml location and merge error

From Jim Hart
DateWed Apr 28 02:42:51 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] User config.xml location and merge error
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On 4/26/10 6:48 AM, Sullivan,Mark wrote:
> Where is the user's config.xml file located in a windows installation?
You'll find config.xml under your Greenstone home directory at:


Jim Hart
Bates College

> I assume that if I delete this file, Greenstone will try to rebuild a
> new one?
> Also, the merge capability causes issues when trying to revert to an
> earlier version of Greenstone. I accidently had Greenstone v2.8.3
> installed on my development machine. I uninstalled it, and installed
> Greenstone v2.8.1 to match the version we have in production. When I
> tried to launch the GLI, it said it was merging user config.xml from
> version 2.8.3 to the new version. It hung there until I had to
> finally cancel it. When I relaunched the GLI, it now hangs prior to
> that point, while trying to launch it.
> You may want to add some code into the new installers to handle this
> case in the future.
> Mark
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