[greenstone-users] gsdl2.83 export to dspace and gazetteer question

From Anson Parker
DateSun Mar 7 05:03:07 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] gsdl2.83 export to dspace and gazetteer question
wow - greenstone is a huge project and i have never noticed the save as dspace option in 2.83... so i'm using it... i expect i'll need to use the xsl transform to get my exploded metadata in place... are there any tutorials for the dspace export online??? also i'm looking at the georeference gazetteer stuff... does anyone have more information on that?? i'm still hoping to get the oai-pmh server running, this might be another side test.. also testing the emerald view + kohana stuff.... another interesting avenue....


Aloha ya'll

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