[greenstone-devel] gsdl3, is:javahome, installshield question, vmware

From Anson Parker
DateMon, 1 Oct 2007 11:20:50 -0400
Subject [greenstone-devel] gsdl3, is:javahome, installshield question, vmware
Hi trying to build gsdl3 from source on 64bit ubuntu 7 machine isn't going very well... lot of dependency issues,(for those interested make'ing the jars for the indexers gets through first set of errors, then /greenstone3/gs2build/indexers/mgpp/jni/libmgppjni.so isn't home....

anyhow, so i'm trying to use the binaries and keep getting JRE not found - i've tried 4 different flavors of java


and none of them seem to make is:javahome happy. I am reading up on the Installshield's JVM manager

and was wondering what files it's looking for? Any clues?


manually built

Aloha ya'll

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