[greenstone-users] UTF-8?

From Julian Fox
DateSat, 17 Feb 2007 20:29:21 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] UTF-8?
Dear List,
Strange, but I discover that since all my documents are in Italian, and
UTF-8 is the default encoding, accented characters are not showing up
correctly, yet if I choose ISO-8859-1 from the 'about' page, all is ok.
UTF-8 should not present this problem, as it is a superset. Why could
it be? I am currently viewing the document result on Ubuntu (firefox)
via VNC rather than on my Windows machine, since the server is sitting
in a room far away at the moment in a very large building. IS it
perhaps to do with a setting in Firefox....but then why does ISO-8859-1
Other question (though to be honest I could probably fossick this one
out from the documentation somewhere) - if I want the home page to show
up in Italian, I can get that at the moment by going to 'about',
changing language preference, then clicking 'pagina principale' to get
back to home where my translation shows up in all its glory. But if I
want it to show up first off? How do I alter that default? Or - even
better - why, when I select preference from the home page and change
language, does it not immediately change the home page? I t stays in
English - I seem to have to go to 'about', make the change, THEN back to
'home. Is that too, not odd?