[greenstone-users] Browse tab question - ver.2.8

From Katherine Don
DateWed Oct 8 07:23:18 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Browse tab question - ver.2.8
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Hi Ju Sun

You have slightly modified the format statement I sent which is why you
are getting the strange indentation.

The {If}{[numleafdocs],,} bit tests for a classifier node and its really
important that you are careful what goes inside and what goes outside
this test.

The format statement I sent was
{If}{[numleafdocs],<td valign=top>[link][icon][link]</td><td>[Title]</td>,
<td valign="top">[srclink][srcicon][/srclink]</td>
<td valign="top">[dc.PersonalName] : [dc.Date] : [dc.Relation] :
[dc.Title]</td> }

And you have used
<td valign=top>{If}{[numleafdocs]...

which makes a big difference as you will get extra td tags where you
don't want them.

Try the following (copy and paste)

{If}{[numleafdocs],<td valign=top>[link][icon][link]</td><td>[Title]
<b>([numleafdocs] items)</b></td>,
<td valign="top">[srclink][srcicon][/srclink]</td>
<td valign="top">[dc.PersonalName] : [dc.Date] : [dc.Coverage^district]
: [dc.Title]</td> }

You can modify whats in the last td to show the information you want.

Hope this helps,
ju.sun.yi@hawaii.gov wrote:
> Hi Katherine,
> Since this message (problem) was posted, we had played around with the
> format statements and came up with somewhat of a "satisfactory"
> output, but would still like to find a "cleaner" way to display our
> records in the browse section.
> I have tried using the format you suggested, which seems very close to
> what we want except for a "weird" indentation that it causes. It's
> sort of hard to explain, which is why i am attaching a screen shot of
> - 1. our current format statement since this mess. was posted, and 2.
> the one you suggested. Please examine the two, as I am running out of
> ideas on how to present this in a "prettier" fashion.
> Thank you for your response and I look forward to any other suggestion
> or advice.
> Ju Sun
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