[greenstone-users] very Important

From Amin Hedjazi
DateMon Nov 24 19:13:46 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] very Important
hello every one
amr hassan wrote :

browsing library I can not find something ??!!

you had wrote some thing about arabic pdfs !
i am building a Persian language library and
i had this problem my self
and since these languages are very similar i think your having the same
problem .
i think that it doesent have any thing to do with greenstone .
this problems ocure becuse of persian an arabic fonts in pdf fromats , their
always embeded in the document
and each character then is handeled as an pdf object
greenstones pdftohtml converter only lookes for plain text in pdf files
thas why ther is not any thing readable in the library afte building from a
arabic pdf file
some arabic and persian pdf documents use ansi format and can be
scaned with greenstone but with some errors because they are right to left
languages and ansi was
not developed for RTL languages.
this is not only greenstones problem this ocures almost in any right to left
language pdf convertation .
if any body out there can help i woulde realy appriatiate it?
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