[greenstone-users] Lock-ups with Apple ._ and .DS Files

From Oran of Greenstone Team
DateWed Aug 27 16:05:54 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Lock-ups with Apple ._ and .DS Files
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Hi cipher,

Do you mean that ImagePlug is trying to process Thumbs.db and the ._*
and .DS files? If so, that's odd since the default process_exp (the
regular expression for the filenames the plugin should process) of
ImagePlug would not match the any of these files. You could revert the
process_exp option to it's default, or you could prepend the current
process_exp with this a regex lookahead to filter out the problematic
files, something like:

The default precess_exp is:

Or, if I have the wrong idea, please let us know.


cipher wrote:
> We are currently using Greenstone on a 64 bit Suse Linux Enterprise
> Server version 10. The Server is an HP Proliant with 2 500GB SATA
> drives (Mirrored using software Raid) 2GB Memory and a Xeon Processor.
> However when uploading images from an Apple Mac The Librarian
> Interface keeps freezing. I've checked ImageMagick and the convert
> command works fine from command line and in all other respects the
> Server system is very fast.
> The thing Im seeing is that resource forks and thumbs.db files seem to
> cause the imageplug to spend huge amounts of time trying to convert
> them to thumbnails. I removed the plugin ran the Create command and
> the process was finished in about 3 seconds. This is obviously because
> the Image Plugin isnt trying to convert the said ._* and .DS files. I
> reinstalled the Plug-in with maxfilesize (I cant see the option but I
> think it was something like that) which should filter all the little
> hidden files in a Mac folder and any thumbs.db files in Windows
> Folders. ANy files under 50K is what I set.
> Oddly the Mac Java client didnt allow me to do any of this. I had to
> connect with a VMware windows client running the Librarian Interface.
> So far the 'complete rebuild' is working quite quickly and I will know
> later on today (I hope) whether the ImagePlug config change has
> worked. What I have noticed though is that while search works from a
> Browser for files already up, keywords, date, occasion, persons,
> where, caption no longer reference any Thumbnails. Possibly the
> rebuild will fix this?
> Has anyone had similar issues with Apple Clients before?
> Could anyone advise on what best settings are for Imageplug and do I
> need to set the other plugins to get the xml data which was created
> during the enrichment of earlier content? Unfortunately while Im Unix
> literate and can do windows/mac etc, Im new to Greenstone.
> I had used something similar called Photo Organiser by Balint Kis
> before but our librarians advocated GSDL as better.
> Kris Pate
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