[greenstone-users] Re: Searches in GS 2.70

From volker_konrad@arcor.de
DateWed, 12 Jul 2006 19:17:51 +0200 (CEST)
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Searches in GS 2.70
Hello Michael,

thank you for the answers.

I work with the librarian, so I wait for the next version, to use the "ifl" argument.

I've some new questions.

1. To use the "maxnumeric"-option I've
edit the config file. But If I rebuild the library out of the GLI a new file is created and my additions are deletet. Can I insert this out of the librarian? I checked all the design entries, but found no option.

2. Very strange is the following point. I use the vmr.Date field of the metadata for latin numbers (centuries). They are displayed by the following line:

<td align=right valign=top><b>Date:</b></td>
<td align=left valign=bottom><a href=/cgi-bin/library?e=d-00000-00---off-0gsarch--00-0----0-10-0---0---0direct-10---4-----dfr--0-1l--11-en-50---20-about-ravi+bhushan--00-0-1-00-0-0-11----0-0-&a=q&h=dv0&b=0&t=0&s=0&q=[vmr.Date]>
[vmr.Date]</a> [vmr.DiffrentDating]</td>

With 4 entries I got 4 results:

vmr.Date = X : No result, no line appears
vmr.Date = III/IV : Just the first "III/" shown
vmr.Date = IV-V : all the line is shown + diffrent dating
vmr.Date = IV : No result, no line appears

Is there a configuration for this line, I've to do?

Best regards

Volker Konrad

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>I build a collection without advanced searches. But I got some
problems so
>I've some questions:
>1. To browse "Next" I build in the "format DocumentHeading" the
>NEXT =></a>}
>The index dv3 has an ID-number for every document. So I get 1 result
but the
>"&ifl=1" doesn't work, so I get evrytime a list of results. What's
It seems that the "I'm feeling lucky" functionality is broken in
release; thanks for reporting this. I have fixed it, and the fix will
available in the next release. (If you are happy to compile
from source I can send you the fixed source file).

>2. This list gives me in addition the following output: "Word count:
9005: 2,
>1p: 12, 3173: 18" for the number 317390051p so it seems to me it
separats the
>number in parts and looks for. Why does it so? Ist possible to make
it search
>just the exact word or number?
There is a "maxnumeric" option
that you can change to affect this. Also, you can try adding quote
around the search term to use phrase searching.

>2. I build in similar lines to have automated searches for locations.
But if
>the run with an value of two words or more for instance "New York".
The search
>uses just the first one. Is there anything I can do make it searching
>whole phrase?
Use quote marks for phrase searching.



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