[greenstone-users] installing gsdl 3 & sentence level filters

From Anson Parker
DateMon, 31 Jul 2006 14:48:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject [greenstone-users] installing gsdl 3 & sentence level filters
In-Reply-To (44908F3A-5030203-cs-waikato-ac-nz)
Hi all -
2 questions -

1)- how would you set up a filter to do sentence level searches - lucene
supports this with the "jakarta apache"~10 finding every occurrences of
jakarta and apache within 10 words of eachother. Any ideas?

2) I'm getting an error on my gsdl install on a windows box. I don't
really care about setting mysql passwords for the time, so I tried turing
off passwords initially - any reason this won't work?

here's the error from "ant install"

[exec] D:gsdl3packagesmysqlbinmysqladmin: connect to server at
'localhost' failed
[exec] error: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using
password: NO)'

my build file is this
## java compilation properties - for javac
#Should compilation include the debug option?
#Should compilation include the deprecation option?
#Should compilation include the optimize option?

## windows c++ compilation
compile.windows.c++.setup=C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual

## Tomcat installation
#Set this to the internet/intranet name of the machine that Tomcat is/will
be run on. localhost is fine for accessing the server from the local
machine, but not remotely
# The port number that tomcat is/will be run on
# If tomcat is already running, enter the path to the base directory here
#uncomment the following if you have moved the greenstone3 web directory
to tomcats webapps dir

## Greenstone 2 collection building options
#The path to Greenstone 2 if it is already installed
#If you do not want to use Greenstone 2 style building at all, set this
property to any non-empty string, e.g. xxx

## Relational database
# set this to be non-empty if you are using an external mysql.
#change the following if the defaults are not correct
#port mysql should run on. Change if you already have mysql running on the
default port
#Should passwords be set for the root and greenstone mysql users?

## Mysql user passwords: uncomment and set the following if you don't want
to be prompted for them during installation
#The root password for a local mysql installation
# The password for the gsdl3admin user (local and external mysql)
# The password for the gsdl3reader user (local and external mysql)

Thanks - Anson