[greenstone-devel] greenstone with wvware on Cygwin

From Bram Van_Oosterhout
DateFri, 24 Sep 2004 09:17:18 +0930
Subject [greenstone-devel] greenstone with wvware on Cygwin
> Dear All,
> I installed greenstone 2.51 on a DELL Inspiron 7000 (Pentium II, 333 Mhz,
> 127 Mbyte of ram).
> As my collections have a lot of Word documents, I rely on wvware to do the
> parsing. The standard installation (with wv 0.7.4) gave me a success rate
> of 40%. 7 out of a sample of 11 documents failed conversion.
> I recently found that there are updates for wvware on
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/wvware/
> I installed wv 1.0.2. It required some fiddling, but nothing too hard.
> The good news is that I now parse 90%. Only 1 out of the sample of 11
> fails (with Signal 11)
> The bad news is that the conversion is very slow. The 10 documents took 9
> hours to convert to HTML. They are all a similar format. Tables, graphics
> and text. 3 to 5 pages.
> I intend to move to a faster processor and a Linux implementation later in
> the year. I expect that to be much faster.
> In the mean time, is there anyone with better experience with respect to
> the cygwin greenstone/wvware implementation?
> regards....
> Bram van Oosterhout | KAZ Technology Services (incorporating Aspect
> Computing) | Ph: +612 6247 7677 | Fx: +612 6249 1620 |

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