[greenstone-users] Training for learning the application of Greenstone Software

From Bushra Almas
DateTue, 29 Apr 2003 11:02:41 +0500
Subject [greenstone-users] Training for learning the application of Greenstone Software
Dear List members and Greenstone Developers,

I am serving the UN House Common Premise in Pakistan as the UN
Librarian. I have developed the United Nations Common Library from
scratch with a website at ( http://www.un.org.pk/library/index.htm )
containing an Online Web Catalogue and Online Reference Services and

My main assignment for the UN Common House in Pakistanis, is to develop
a Digital Library of the United Nations Digital Documents created by
the UN Agencies in Pakistan. These days, I am trying to develop a
digital library using the Greenstone Digital Library Software.

I have launched a test version digital library on the url:

As the training for using the Greenstone Digital Library Software is not
available inPakistan, I had to depend on the self study method and some
help from the local software experts. But, if you visit my work, you
would agree with me that there is a lot of room for further improvement.
But going beyond this level is not possible for me without proper

I am looking for some formal training available for learning the
application of Greenstone Software. I had come to know about a 3-day
"UNESCO Asian Regional Training Programme on Greenstone Digital Library
Software", at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (7 May
2003 to 9 May 2003), url: http://www.ncsi.iisc.ernet.in/greenstone.htm.
I had written on the given e-mail addresses many times without success.

I would be much obliged if somebody could tell me about training
opportunities for the Greenstone Digital Library Software, where I can
learn about vaious ways of installation and configuration and collection
development. Learning from the manuals is too cumbersome for me and also
these are too technical to understand.

Best Regards.

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title:UN Librarian
tel;fax:92-051-2800031 / 2800034
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