[greenstone-users] CDS / ISIS record to be linked to pdf file

From Sugumaran C
DateThu Jun 18 21:45:54 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] CDS / ISIS record to be linked to pdf file
Dear users,
I would like to build a collection "bibliography" from a CDS/ISIS database
(about 28 000 records with .fdt, .mst, .xrf files) of metadata for pdf
documents. This collection must have the hyperlinks permitting the users to
open the pdf documents from the collection "bibliography".
I will be very happy to receive your help.
Best regards.

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Dear Mr. Emma, I have used as described below

In isis database one field name is "file name (eg. tag 500)" which is to be
linked to that particular record.
we may have to give the file name for particular record.

In the pft if we mention Link(('Display full text'),' OPENFILE ',V500)
Here the tag 500 is the file name and location of the particular full text
file related to that record

Kindly tre and inform me also

C. Sugumaran
Doc Officer, LPSC ISRO
Valiamala, Tvm.
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