Macro Language query

From Dynal Patel
DateWed, 26 Jun 2002 13:26:13 +0200
Subject Macro Language query
I am wondering if anyone out there has any experience with the macro language. I am trying to familiarize myself with it.
1. Are there any manuals explaining how the micro-language works?
At the moment I am trying to create a simple page that has a few links and a search box. The file is attached to this e-mail.

1. <h3>_textabcol_</h3>   why can I not do this?

2. <center>



Search in for of the words  


with this I get the searchbox but i get an error when trying to search for a document. It says something like error creating CGI arguments.

I am sure I am doing something silly, but dont now what. I would deeply appreciate any help.

kind regards


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