[greenstone-users] Export Collection

From Jim Trott
DateSun, 6 Jul 2003 07:59:57 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] Export Collection
I have two collections that I want to export to CD-ROM. When I use the Export Collection utility,
  • The first collection exports correctly. Using its setup.exe, it exports the greenstone software to C:GSDL and then offers to export the collection under that.
  • The second collection also seems to export correctly. However, using its setup.exe, it does not try to export the greenstone software. Instead, it immediately goes to the second dialog box, asking about installing the collection. And it wants to put that collection in a folder called C:GSDL_TEST.
This happens whether or not I have the first collection installed.
I am running Greenstone 2.39 (Local Server version) on a Windows XP Professional computer.
Any clues?

Jim Trott
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Millennium Relief and Development Services
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