Re: [greenstone-users] [Webster Ridge Farm] Newbie Question on Collection Building)

From John R. McPherson
DateMon, 23 Jun 2003 10:58:02 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] [Webster Ridge Farm] Newbie Question on Collection Building)
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Brandon Sussman wrote:

> The way collector seems to work, the directories where greenstone keeps the
> collection do not exist until the collection is built, therefore the
> Organizer exported files cannot be placed in 'etc' prior to the
> build. This is counter-intuitive - I assume there is a basic flaw in the
> way I am approaching the whole exercize, not in greenstone, which is about
> as high quality as I have seen ( :) )
> I am looking to a step-by-step method for gathering files, specifying the
> organization (using organizer - our librarian should not have to edit these
> files directly) and uploading these to the server, prior to build
> process. The mail thing I have not yet found is an exhaustive list of the
> files generated for collection and management and there expected
> location(s) before, during and after build.
> As I mentioned - if this is documented already - just aim me at the right
> manual. I do not expect you to work to explain something that already has
> a perfectly good explanation.

I don't know anything about the Organizer, but if you read our
Developers Guide then it explains which files are directories are
used and created during the import process and the build process.
These are covered in the first chapter of it.

John McPherson