Collection Information page cannot be displayed

From dzinn
DateFri, 07 Jun 2002 15:23:11 -0600
Subject Collection Information page cannot be displayed
Hi all,

I downloaded Greenstone today after finding it thru Internet Scout.
Download & installation went ok, I think, but when I try to click,
'Collection Information' at the start of the page, I get the message:

The page cannot be displayed....

I tried to do a search on the archives, but didn't find the answer, so
thought will try the mailing list.

Sorry if this question has been answered a million times -- should I
download the User's Guide???

BTW, here is the application that I would like to use Greenstone for:

BTW, I have Netscape open at the same time as IE, but that doesn't
usually cause a problem.

I have a pretty new Dell running Windows ME.

I'll try rebooting & only opening IE to see if that helps!

Deb of Colorado