Re: where to place images

From Stefan Boddie
DateMon, 26 Aug 2002 09:06:18 +1200
Subject Re: where to place images
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> hello,
> The images in teh collection images directory are not
> visible when browsing the collection even though
> they were in the pre-build HTML files.
> 1. where do i place a collection images?
> 2. How do I URL those images so that they are visible when browsing the
> Thanks
> Any help appreciated

If the images are visible when viewing the source documents then they should
also be visible from within the built collection. If they're not it's
probably a bug in the HTML plugin. The safest way to avoid problems is to
make sure your source HTML files use relative links to the images and that
the links are nice and normal (i.e. try to avoid spaces in filenames,
filenames containing unusual characters etc.).