[greenstone-users] oclc worldcat z39.50 passwords?

From Anson Parker
DateTue, 06 Feb 2007 11:12:30 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] oclc worldcat z39.50 passwords?
In-Reply-To (JCZIX3$B1832E6F141D0AE167DD6A3C20C61F09-libero-it)
Hi all,
we're trying to link up to the z39.50 worldcat server - has anyone else done
this - they're located at zcat.oclc.org on port 210 - any ideas? Anyone
done this before? is there a means for direct query or are we gonna have to
do an export from worldcat (not sure how that works either)...

Anyhow, http://marshallfoundation.org/Database.htm is very close to ready,
we need to change the classifier from "unkown classifier" (on the phind
search) to something that's a bit more descriptive - anyone know what might
fix that? Also thanks to everyone (Allison, your tip & code worked
perfectly) for helping with the pdf highlighting....


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