Re: [greenstone-users] Good bye and good luck

From E Robinson
DateFri, 09 Mar 2007 13:06:19 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Good bye and good luck
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Congratulations, and best wishes for the birth and your new life.

You can be very proud of the accomplishments of the Greenstone team, and
I know that I have appreciated the open, helpful and collaborative
attitude you and others on the team have taken to queries and
suggestions on the mailing list. The patient, practical and high quality
of the help, given very promptly (and at times that I know are not
normal working hours in New Zealand) have done much to make the
Greenstone system accessible to people like myself with little practical
knowledge of programming or of the elements of putting together a
digital archive.

As a New Zealander I feel proud that such a successful development has
been based around a New Zealand team; and I feel that the Greenstone
team and Waikato University deserve better public recognition for the
achievements. I thank you for the personal assistance that I have
received; my project will I believe result in the Greenstone system
being used for about 20 organisations, mainly in Australia and New
Zealand but some in the UK, India and South Africa.

I am sure that you will be missed from the team, but the quality of your
work through the list will I am sure continue to be an example to
posters and assist in ensuring that past success continues with the work
that will continue during your temporary absence.

My sincere thanks - and I look forward to hearing of your progress over
the period until you return.

Ed Robinson
Wellington, New Zealand

Katherine Don wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I just wanted to let you know that I am leaving work next week to go
> on maternity leave. I will be taking leave for 6-12 months. During
> that time I may look at the mailing lists and answer emails but I
> can't promise to.
> Please don't send greenstone questions to me personally, as you may
> not get an answer.
> I'd like to wish everyone good luck with their Greenstone work, and I
> look forward to seeing what new developments have taken place when I
> get back.
> Cheers,
> Katherine Don
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