[greenstone-users] CD User notes

From E Robinson
DateTue, 31 Jul 2007 21:43:34 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] CD User notes
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I hope to be ready to send out a self-installing CD with a Greenstone
collection to a hundred or so members of an organisation, and need to
think about an introductory note to send with the CD to tell people what
is on the CD and how to re-assure them that they are not downloading
something that could contain a virus, and anything else they need to know.

Things I am thinking of including are:

1. That the CD should self-install the Greenstone software and the
2. What Greenstone is and where to find it, and why it is safe to use
(perhaps how much space is needed?)
3. Directory to install (I have been told that it asks for a directory
but if anything other than the default C:Greenstone is selected the
install will not work)
4. That it will not install on a Mac. (Is this true? If someone has a
Mac, can they install Greenstone and copy the collection from the CD?)
5. Information about the collection(s) that are on the CD, and how to
run them once the install process has been completed

If anyone has done this before and has an example of what they sent I
would appreciate a copy.

Ed Robinson
Wellington, New Zealand