[greenstone-users] CD user Notes

From E Robinson
DateSat, 11 Aug 2007 17:40:55 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] CD user Notes
I asked a while ago for comments from anyone with experience of sending
a CD out, and am tryng again.

Can anyone confirm:

1. That when a user installs from the self-installing CD they should
not change the default from C:Greenstone, as changes tdo not work?

2. That a self-installing CD will not install to a Mac? (And if someone
has a Mac, can they install Greenstone themselves and copy the
collection from the CD?, or does Greenstone not work at all on a Mac?)

If anyone has sent out self-installing CD's to numbers of people and
sent instructions / introductory notes to help people with loading and
using a collection, I would be interested in a copy.

Ed Robinson
Wellington, New Zealand