[greenstone-users] Authentication

From E Robinson
DateFri Jul 3 22:25:52 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Authentication
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I have been going in circles a bit trying to get password protection for
my collection - it will have quite a few people authorised, so I need a
way to add users in bulk, and amend user details easily. The method
suggested by Diego of converting the file users.gdb to text and back
again, and editing the text file may be the way to go, except I think
db2txt may be a Unix programme, and I am using Windows.

I have found a programmer who may be able to help, but I'd like to know
a bit more about the user file and how it works before I talk it through
with him.

1. I looked up the file extension ".gdb" and it seems it may be related
to Gnu debugger, or a Gnu Database, or various types of other database
(ACT! Group, ArcView, Firebird, or Borland Interbase) Is the file type
related to another programme or is it just part of the Greenstone

2. The file users.gdb appears in the directory Greenstone/etc, (I'm now
using 2.82) rather than being a file in the etc directory for the
collection. Does the one user file affect all collections using
authentication, or am I looking at the wrong file? I'll only have one
collection on a website, but I would have expected the file to be in the
relevant collect directory

3. I don't understand what a "account status" means, or what a group
means? When are these used? I am not wanting anyone else to be able to
do anything other than access the collection, conduct searches etc and
read / download files from it. What is the purpose of the comment field?

4. I guess because I was not able to convert the file to text (I looked
at it using Wordpad or Notebook) the format was not particularly
obvious. If someone has the file format would you be able to send it to
me (or if short describe it in an reply to this email?)

Thanks for the help I have already received, I hope that the answers
tot eh above will help me talk someone into setting up a process to edit
the user file so taht I don;t have to type every one in individually -
and that I can periodically replace the user.gdb file as additional
people are authorised or drop out.

Ed Robinson
Wellington, New Zealand