[greenstone-users] ER1 Another new user query

From E Robinson
DateThu, 01 Dec 2005 14:50:26 +1300
Subject [greenstone-users] ER1 Another new user query
I would like to develop a digital archive of a set of lodge papers. We have
about 500 Word documents - one for each publication. Within each
publication there are one or more 'papers' , and the discussion (if
published) is usually an a later publication. Many of the publications
include minutes of meetings and administrative notes which do not need to
have Title / Authors etc. I have an Excel spreadsheet listing the Word
file, Title, Author, date of publication, number of words for each paper.

I am not a librarian or programmer; I have read through the various manuals
and tutorials from the website, and am still quite confused, but hopefully
that will pass!

My questions are:

1.1 Is it possible to create details for different papers within the one
document with different title, author(s), subject(s)? How would I generate
metadata information for that? I think this may be possible by using
sections within the Word documents - can each section be treated as a
chapter of the whole document? I would prefer not to split the current
Word files - some of the papers to be indexed are quite short.

1.2 Can I avoid searches looking at selected (or not selected!) parts of
the Word file ? (eg minutes)?

1.3 I have an Excel spreadsheet listing the Word file, Title, Author, date
of publication, subject, number of words and summary (up to about 200
words) for each paper - there are just under 900 sets of data. Can I use
that to create metadata? (I don't relish the thought of copying data for
500 files / 900 papers by copying individual cells). Should I be looking to
include as much data as possible in the Word file? (Is metadata generated
from the data in File/Properties in Word?)

1.4 I had one Word file that did not convert when I created a test
collection - it contains a large number of illustrations (charts copied
from Excel). I was able to save to HTML format from within word. Can use
that HTML file in the collection? If so how?

1.5 Are there any tutorials / courses for beginning users being run in
Wellington, NZ that I could go to?

Your assistance will be very much appreciated.

Ed Robinson