Re: [greenstone-users] Another question: multivalued fields

From E Robinson
DateMon, 16 Oct 2006 22:25:02 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Another question: multivalued fields
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Thank you for your help a few weeks ago. I did get a sample collection working, and have just heard that the organisation is keen to continue - I now need tog et a couple of things working that I didn't finish before.

One of those is allowing for multiple values for Author and Subject. I have created additional columns in the .cfg file and put some test data in.
Where is the "allvalues" parameter put and can it be done through the GLI or do I have to edit the config file?

Do I also need to put mode=accumulate somewhere?

Ed Robinson

At 11:10 07/09/2006, Michael Dewsnip wrote:
Hi Michael,

If you're using CSVPlug you will need to have multiple columns in the
Excel file for the same field, and put one value in each column.

Also, check you have the "-allvalues" option enabled for your classifiers.



Michael Silver wrote:

>I'm getting closer, thanks to much help from Michael Dewsnip and Cameron
>Esslemont. Right now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get a browsing
>classifier to work with multiple values in a field, eg
>"Subject 1|Subject 2|Subject 3"
>I've tried AZCompactList and Hierarchy without luck. I'm going to keep
>reading, but can anyone point me to a quick fix?
>Thank you all for your patience and assistance,
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>Parkland Regional Library
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