Re: [greenstone-users] expaining plugins

From E Robinson
DateFri, 27 Oct 2006 15:43:04 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] expaining plugins
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Thank you very much - that does indeed work. 


At 14:37 27/10/2006, Katherine Don wrote:
Hi Ed

MetadataCSVPlug didn't handle multiple values. I have modified it and
uploaded it to the same place as before:

Please try this new one. Does it work now??


E Robinson wrote:
> I had thought that the plugin was doing what I wanted it to but realised
> just yesterday that I wasn't getting multiple data items recognised
> properly.
> I changed the version of MetadataCSVPlug that I had for this latest one
> but am still getting the same problems.
> No matter what formatting I use I seem to be only able to get the last
> data item entered. For most of my files I only have one subject and one
> Author, but when I have more it is the last one that displays - as
> though the other data has been overridden.
> Any thoughts (I'm using AZCompactlist -allvalues, and running GLI v2.71
> on Windows XP)
> Thanks
> Ed Robinson
> At 10:18 27/10/2006, Michael Dewsnip wrote:
>> Hi Stephen,
>> Ooops... looks like I broke parsing CSV files with Unix line endings
>> when fixing it to parse Windows line endings :-(
>> Try
>> .
>> All the best,
>> Michael