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From Chi-Yu Huang
DateThu, 03 Feb 2005 14:51:20 +1300
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: [Fwd: Fwd: Greenstone Query]
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Hi Alexandra,

To create a page link of copyright information from the digital library, you should create an HTML file containing the information, then add a link to it into the


The requested page could not be found. Please use your browsers 'back' button or the above home button to return to the Greenstone Digital Library. macro in the "home.dm" file. This file can be found in the "gsdl/macros/" directory.


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From: Greenstone Support Form <nobody@cs.waikato.ac.nz>
Date: 1 February 2005 9:09:00 PM
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Subject: Greenstone Query

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name: alexandra cervera
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operating_system: winXP
browser: ie6
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server: not_applicable
gsdl_version: 2.50
gsdl_type: local_library
problem_type: question
problem_reproduce: not_applicable
short_description: How to create a page and link it to the library home page
long_description: Dear Chi-Yu,

I have encountered a problem while creating the library and I will really appreciate it if you could assist me.

We are trying to create a page for copyright mention to be linked to the library home page. How can we create that page to display the copyright information? How can we create a link to that page from the digital library?

Thank you in advance for your help. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Alexandra Cervera


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