Re: [greenstone-users] Tutorial on using METS?

From Chi-Yu Huang
DateMon, 11 Apr 2005 12:13:26 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Tutorial on using METS?
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Hi Dave,

In Greenstone we use METS in a very specific way - as an alternative archive format to Greenstone Archive format. If the option '-saveas METS' is used with (and, then source documents will be converted to the Greenstone METS profile, which uses Dublin_Core as its metadata. This divides documents into sections, stores metadata at the section or document level and uses XML xpointer syntax to locate the content of the source documents stored in a temporary XML file.  Then when building (indexing) the collection, the METS plugin is used to read in the METS files. It is therefore only designed to process METS documents that match the Greenstone METS profile.

If you want to see our METS format, you can simply import (export) a collection and save as the "METS" format. You can try the command as follows: ( -saveas METS collection_name

Then, in your archives directory (or export directory if you use, you will see two files: docmets.xml which stores all the metadata either in the document or section level and the associated file pointers and doctxt.xml which stores the content of the source documents in an XML format.

Greenstone METS profile has been officially approved by the Library of Congress and you can find the relevant document at the following website:

Hope this is useful!


Dave wrote:

Dear all,


Are there any tutorials on using METSplug in GS?




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