[greenstone-devel] Greenstone V2.62 released!

From Chi-Yu Huang
DateThu, 06 Oct 2005 12:22:07 +1300
Subject [greenstone-devel] Greenstone V2.62 released!
Hello everyone,

We're pleased to announce that the Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X and Source
distributions of Greenstone v2.62 are now available for download from our
sourceforge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/greenstone, or via

This is a stable release -- it does not contain much new functionality over v2.61, but
does contain many bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Important changes in this release include, in no particular order:

- PS and PPT files can now be converted to images for use with PagedImgPlug
- Faster file copying in the GLI, especially with Java 1.5
- The GLI will now restart the Local Library if it has stopped running (Windows)
- A new version of expand_macros.pl, by Jens Wille
- A new plugin for processing Real Media files, by Xin Gao
- More fixes for searching with Lucene
- An estimate of the total data size when writing a CD/DVD image from the GLI
- A "-no_metadata_formatting" option for classifiers, to turn off "helpful" sorting
- A fix to a nasty GLI bug where all the metadata in a folder could be lost (rarely)
- ...and many many other improvements and bug fixes

We want to ensure that Greenstone works well for you. Please report any
problems to greenstone@cs.waikato.ac.nz, or on one of the Greenstone
mailing lists.

All the best,

On behalf of the Greenstone team