[greenstone-users] No Title In Searches

From Carla Lendor
DateFri Nov 6 02:12:24 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] No Title In Searches
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Hi Katherine

I installed Greenstone 2.82 in a bid to better understand 3.04 and as a result I was able to organise my searches.

Having done that I think I may be in a better position to work with 3.04 and I will continue to do so.

In that regard, I will be making inquiries on both versions and you can bet I have a few questions to ask. I made the decision to use 2.82 in the work environment and will test 3.04 on my local computer. The important thing for me was having the library up and running and meeting my own internal deadlines. Indeed I have met both. I am in the process of launching the beta library in my office, so I am pretty happy with the decision to go with 2.82

Thank John Rose for nudging me towards using version 2.82. Thank you Katherine your support unparalleled support.

I certainly look forward to contributing to this rather interesting project.

Carla Lendor

Data and Records Officer

Ministry of Finance

Financial Centre Bldg.



. c.lendor@gosl.gov.lc

( (758) 468 5528 (Phone)

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