Re: [greenstone-users] ENCompass access to Greenstone collections?

From Constance Malpas
DateTue, 14 Oct 2003 17:18:23 -0400
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] ENCompass access to Greenstone collections?
Hi John (et al),

Thanks for this follow-up. Another gsdl user expressed a similar concern about the absence of server-side Z39.50 support. An account manager from Endeavor (ENCompass) has promised to look into the compatibility issue and get back to me with any "success stories." I'll certainly pass them along. (Of course, we're not likely to hear about what didn't work...which might be more instructive.)

With ear to the ground,

>>> "John R. McPherson" <> 10/13/03 10:04PM >>>
Michael Dewsnip wrote:
> Hi Constance,
> I'm not aware of anyone who has used ENCompass with Greenstone.
> Hopefully if one of our users has done so they will speak up with their
> experiences.
> From the ENCompass page that you linked to in your e-mail, I see that
> ENCompass supports "Z39.50 gateway searching for resources enabled with
> this protocol". I've never used it (and therefore know very little
> about it), but Greenstone does have Z39.50 support. You may be able to
> use this to allow ENCompass to search Greenstone collections.

Greenstone only has z39.50 support as a client - that is, you can use the
greenstone interface to search other z39.50 servers. The default
greenstone packages that we have pre-compiled don't have this support in,
and I think it may even be slightly broken in gsdl 2.40 (The navigation
bar doesn't display the "Search" button for z39.50 collections).

You can't use z39.50 to search greenstone collections. (We did have a
small project to do some work on this, but nothing was ever publicly

John McPherson