[greenstone-users] Problems on a collection

From CÚline Aumard
DateTue Apr 15 08:09:07 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Problems on a collection
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I've some problems with my Greenstone collection, so maybe could you help

1. When I open a PDF file from Greenstone web interface, and when I save a
copy of this document, my copy hasn't the properties (author, title,
subject) of the original file. Is it Greenstone that deletes the properties
? Is there any way to keep them ?

2. I've subcollections in my collection, but when I browse some, I don't
have the link "subcollections" in the navigation bar. Do you know why ? Can
I change it in a macro file (this one where function SearchSubjectsFromDates is
declared by example) ?

3. When I open a (Greenstone) HTML transcription of a PDF file, sometimes
the HTML doesn't look fine. Is there any way to make it better ? Is it due
to my PDF files ?

4. Can I change the default search type : in keywords rather than in
subcollections ? I tried to change the search macro file, but it didn't