[greenstone-users] OAI data provider with section level metadata

From Katherine Don
DateFri Dec 17 06:21:21 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] OAI data provider with section level metadata
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Hi Vladimir

I started thinking about this yesterday but ran out of time. In the gdbm
database for the collection, there is an oai classifier which just lists
all the documents. I can't remember exactly how its created but I think
it wouldn't be difficult to modify it to include section ids. I hand
edited it to include a couple of section ids, and these ids showed up in
a list of records, however if you selected one to show the metadata then
you got an idDoesNotExist error. I need to investigate further to see
why the code is restricted to top level ids.

I am actually on holiday now, the university is shut from Monday until
5th Jan. I may have time next week to look into it, but if not, I'll
have another look when I get back next year.

To hand modify the db, if you want to try this, run setup.bat/source
setup.bash in greenstone folder, cd to your collection folder, eg
db2txt index/text/demo.gdb > db.txt
edit db.txt. I just copied a couple of the [oai.1] entries and
incremented the number, and changed the doc id to have a section.
db2txt index/text/demo.gdb < db.txt

the source code is in runtime-src/src/oaiserver

Hopefully I'll have time next week to look at it, but if not, good luck :-)


On 14/12/2010 9:47 p.m., Vladimir Risojevic wrote:
> Hi,
> I expected this answer. Now, although 'oai classifier' is mentioned
> during the collection build process, it is different from other
> classifiers and not written in Perl. Can you give me some pointers
> where to look in the source code, so as to try to add the needed
> functionality, if I choose that way? I already did minor modification
> of some 'regular' classifiers, and I hope this one is implemented in a
> similar vein, albeit in a different language.
> Regards,
> Vladimir
> On 12/14/2010 02:33 AM, Katherine Don wrote:
>> Hi
>> I don't think Greenstone has any support for sections in its oai
>> server implementation. Sorry.
>> Regards,
>> Katherine
>> Vladimir R. Risojevic wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a collection of scanned periodical publication, similar to PagedImage
>>> examples, and I would like to enable metadata harvesting through OAI-PMH.
>>> However, I can only do that on object level, which is a magazine issue in my
>>> case. Is it possible to expose sections (ie. individual articles) for metadata
>>> harvesting?
>>> Best regards,
>>> Vladimir Risojevic
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