[greenstone-users] Greenstone3 Nightly Snapshot Releases

From Oran of Greenstone Team
DateThu Apr 17 11:44:52 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone3 Nightly Snapshot Releases
Starting now, nightly snapshot releases of Greenstone3 will be
constructed and made available on our snapshots page:

Every night, the most recent revision of the Greenstone3 source code
will be automatically checked out, compiled, and packaged up as an
easy-to-use installer and put up on our website. These snapshots will be
created for Linux and Windows, and soon, Mac. They will be made
available in two formats: as an executable Jar, or as a native binary
for your operating system. And to make things even easier, there is also
a native binary which comes bundled with Java.

As of today, you no longer have to wait for a release to come out before
you can take advantage of a new feature of Greenstone3. All you have to
do is install the latest snapshot release, and you will have all the
features added up to the previous day.

Nightly snapshot releases were made possible by our move to the open
source installer Ant Installer. We have been able to construct a release
?kit? for each operating system, which automatically creates releases of
Greenstone3 using a number of Ant scripts, the Ant Installer software,
and a simple executable wrapper program. Since creating a release is now
as easy as running a single command, we decided to let the computer
create them nightly.

Not surprisingly, the snapshot releases are likely to have a few flaws.
These flaws will have two sources: bugs in the release kits, and bugs in
the Greenstone code. As far as the release kits are concerned, in time
we aim to eliminate all the bugs, so that they produce robust and usable
installers. But as for the Greenstone code, we recognise that the most
recent revision of the Greenstone code will always have some ?bleeding
edges?, so we do not expect to ever eliminate all the bugs there. (If
you want thoroughly tested releases, go for one of our regular releases,
not a snapshot.)

You can help us to perfect the Greenstone3 release kits by downloading
and installing a snapshot release, and telling us if you hit any
problems. Go on, be brave!

(For those interested, instructions for getting and using the release
kits themselves are available at

Also, keep a look out for Greenstone2 snapshot releases and release
kits, which are coming soon.