[greenstone-users] administrator password

From ofarfan@cirma.org.gt
DateFri Nov 30 06:16:45 2007
Subject [greenstone-users] administrator password
Hello list

Is there any possibility of getting your old password

I was working with the gli-client when I lost the internet connection,
during this time I was rebuilding a database so running import.pl

when the internet comes again, I try to get the greenstone server once
again and it didnt work.

it says that can`t get the list of plugins pluginfo.pl -listall

and it doesn`t let me get in the program

I think that it should be some problem with the password because I try to
use the administration page and it didn`t take my password.

thep roblem is that I`m the administrator and I`m the only person that
uses gli-client to build the collections.

Is there any chance to get my password back or what can I do to make it work